Classic two-tone shade with shading

Photo after regeneration
Photo before the procedure
Photo after regeneration
  • Client sex: Women
  • Hair color: Brown-haired
  • Age of client: After 50 years
  • Year of the work: 2015
  • Equipment: Machine for PM
  • Trade name of equipment: Biotek
  • Manufacturing country of equipment: Italy
  • Trade name of pigments: Biotek
  • Manufacturing country of pigments: Italy
  • Type of pigments: For PM
  • Type of work: Permanent make-up
  • Area: Eyes, eyelids
  • Technique: Eyeliner with shading
Анна Заболотная

Author: Anna Zabolotnaya,

Permanent make-up expert, certified trainer, head of the Academy permanent make-up «Biotek-Russia" (Moscow)